2008. február 10., vasárnap

Shyheim - The Lost Generation (1996)

1. Shit Iz Real
2. Dear God - Pop 'The Brown Hornet'
3. Jiggy Comin'
4. 5 Elements - Rubbabandz, Pop 'The Brown Hornet'
5. Shaolin Style - Squig
6. Real Bad Boys
7. What Makes The World Go Round - Trigger, Rubbabandz, Smoothe Da H.
8. Can You Feel It
9. Life As A Shorty
10. Don't Front/Let's Chill - L. Grinstead, K. Williams
11. Things Happen
12. See What I See
13. Still There
14. Young Godz - Madman, Rubbabandz, and Killa Sin

Password: Smiff

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