2007. december 1., szombat

9th Wonder & Pete Rock - Class is in Session

1. "Whatever You Say (Remix I) (feat. Little Brother)"
2. "Whatever You Say (Remix II) (feat. Little Brother)"
3. "Am I Dreaming?"
4. "Hi Baby (Instrumental)"
5. "Watch Me (Instrumental)"
6. "City Star Srut (Instrumental)"
7. "Oh yeah (feat. Phonte, Grap Luva, & Kevin Brown)"
8. "Always (feat. Kevin Brown)"
9. "From The Basement (feat. Phonte & Grap Luva)"
10. "Funky (Instrumental)"11. "Night Cruise (Instrumental)"
12. "Hello Tokyo (Instrumental)"

Password: Smiff

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PELIKAN írta...

love those beats

PELIKAN írta...

thanks for the message.

Here is some tunes by my friend, who is inspired by Pete Rock:
Hope you enjoy it!

DJ Keynote Speakaz írta...

9th & Pete? 🔥🔥🔥🔥