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Above The Law

Group/Gangsta Rap, G-Funk, West Coast Rap
Part of the post-N.W.A. explosion of California gangsta rap, Above the Law came out of the Eastern Los Angeles suburb of Pomona; leader Cold 187um, aka Big Hutch (born Gregory Hutchinson), was joined by KMG the Illustrator (born Kevin Dulley), Go Mack (born Arthur Goodman), and Dj Total K-Oss (born Anthony Stewart). Mixing '70s vintage-funk and soul samples with live instrumentation (Hutchinson had studied jazz while in school), the group signed with Eazy-E's Ruthless Records and issued their debut album, Livin' Like Hustlers, in 1990; split into violence- and sex-themed sides, it was coproduced by Dr.Dre (prior to N.W.A's rancorous breakup) and received well in gangsta circles. The Vocally Pimpin' EP appeared in 1991, and the full-lenght follow-up Black Mafia Life was released in 1993. Go Mack left the group shortly thereafter, and Above the Law stuck with the trio format for their last Ruthless album, 1994's Uncle Sam's Cruse, which featured greatercontributions from KMG. Following Eazy-E's tragically sudden death, Above the Law left Ruthless for Tommy Boy, debuting in 1996 with Time Will Reveal; although the lyrics stuck with the group's well-worn gangsta themes, it demonstrated that Big Hutch's skills as a G-funk producer were becoming ever more polished. 1998's Legends kept the West Coast gangsta flame burning, but proved to be their last release on Tommy Boy; formed their own label, West World, and struck a distribution deal with Street Solid for 1999's
Forever: Rich thugs, The same year, Big Hutch released his solo debut, Executive Decisions. In 2000 Big Hutch was recruited by Suge Knight to become the new house producer and musical director at Death Row Records, making it the new home of Above the Law as well. They recorded a new album called Diary of a Drug Dealer, but the release dates were continually pushed back while Big Hutch worked on production assignments, including the decbut album the groups's breakup.

Above The Law - Black Mafia Life (1993)

1. Black Triangle
2. Never Missin' A Beat
3. Why Must I Feel Like Dat
4. Commin' Up
5. Pimpology 101
6. Call It What U Want
7. Harda U R Tha Doppa U Faal
8. Game Wreck-Oniz-Iz Game
9. Pimp Clinic
10. V.S.O.P.
11. Process Of Elimination (Untouchakickamurdaqtion)
12. G's & Macaronies
13. G-Rupies Best Friend
14. Mee Vs. My Ego
15. Outro

Password: Smiff

Above The Law - Uncle Sam's curse (1994)

1. Return of the Real Shit
2. Set Free
3. Kalifornia
4. Concrete Jungle
5. Rain Be for Rain Bo
6. Everything Will Be Alright
7. Black Superman
8. 'G' in Me
9. Uncle Sam's Curse
10. One Time Two Meny
11. Who Ryde
12. Gangsta Madness

Password: Smiff

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