2007. július 26., csütörtök

Chingo Bling - They Can't Deport Us All (2007)

01. They Can't Deport Us All 01:01
02. Still Going Down (Feat. Fat Pat) 02:59
03. 5th Wheel (Feat. Big Pokey) 02:54
04. I'ma Do This 02:30
05. Southside Thang (Feat. Fat Pat & Paul Wall) 03:05
06. Like That 03:59
07. Who Dat (Feat. Pitbull & 5th Ward Weebie) 04:05
08. Reppin' That Southside (Feat. Flatline) 02:31
09. Do My Thang (Chapulin Colorado) 04:04
10. Bring It On (Feat. Trae) 03:45
11. Fight Juice (Feat. Max Minelli Sho Stoppa & Stunta) 03:55
12. Ball Everywhere I Go (Feat. Lucky) 02:48
13. Lasso (Feat. Mistah Fab & Fabo) 04:35 14. Mañosa 00:24
15. Show That chit (Feat. Russell Lee) 04:30
16. Like That (Feat. Stunta Lucky Luciano & N.O.R.E.) 05:23
17. Trunk Crack (Feat. Big Pokey) (bonus track) 02:42
18. Werk That (bonus track) 03:45

Password: Smiff

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