2007. május 16., szerda

Shawnna - Block Music (2006)

1.Can't Do It Like Me
2.Block Music (Bang) - (with I-20)
3.Damn - (with Smoke)
4.Gettin' Some - (remix, with Ludacris/Pharrell/Lil Wayne/Too Short)
5.Candy Coated - (remix, with 8-Ball/MJG)
6.Roll Wit Me
7.In Tha Chi - (with Johnny P/Syleena Johnson)
8.Take It Slow - (with Ludacris/Bobby Valentino)
9.Can't Break Me - (with Buddy Guy/Shareefa)
10.Ghetto Fairy Tales
11.Lil Daddy What's Good
12.Hit The Back / Slide In
13.Chicago - (with Buddy Guy/Avant/Malik Yusef)


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