2007. május 15., kedd

Big Noyd - The Stick Up Kid (2006)

1. Infamous Team feat: Prodigy & Godfather
2. Number 1 (produced by Rick Rude)
3. Don’t Play With Them Burners feat: Havoc
4. Money Roll feat: Prodigy, Illah G, Twin Gambino, Godfather
5. That’s How You Get Dead: Twin feat: Noyd
6. Stick Up Kid (produced by Seb)
7. You Already Know feat: Flame Killah, Godfather
8. Crazy Ass Click (produced by DJ Skizz)
9. It's On (produced by Garfield)
10. It's Going Down (produced by Ric Rude)
11. My Rhyme (produced by Mario)
12. You Can Say What Ever You Want (produced by Ric Rude)
13. You Better Take It Easy (produced by Ric Rude)
14. World's Famous feat: Ty Nitty, Chinkey, The Infamous Team


Password: Smiff

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